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Is your Teacup Puppy Eating his Poop?


Nobody is absolutely sure why some puppies and Teacup Puppies  eat their own feces. Some feel there are ingredients in the feces that have nutritional value. It is unlikely there is a deficiency in a puppyís diet if he is being fed any name brand food.    Many will describe puppies eating their poop (aka coprophagy) as natural behavior but it's still a disgusting habit with possible health implications for you or your pet.

 Some Teacup puppies left confined in crates or cages for long periods may eat their own feces due to boredom. Puppies should not be left in a crate all day. If a puppy cannot be taken out of his crate to eliminate during the day, he should be confined to a small room with his cage door open. Place newspapers on the floor so if he has to eliminate he can leave his crate and go on the papers.  A product called Nutrical also can cause a puppy to eat his feces.   We recommend to stop giving the product to see if he stops.  

Worms or disease can be spread when puppies eat the feces of other Puppies. Feces of other puppies or animals may also contain fly larvae, fungus, or intestinal parasites.  The longer you allow this filthy practice to continue, the harder it is to put a stop to it.

If your Teacup puppy is eating his own or another animalís feces, you must catch him in the act and try to startle him as soon as he even sniffs the feces. I prefer to use a hand-held air-horn. You can also use a can with pebbles or a loud noise to startle him. Donít let him know you are the one making the noise. If he associates you with the noise, he will wait until you are not around to eat the feces. Picking up the feces before he has a chance to reach them is the best prevention.

You must be persistent and pay close attention to stop this bad habit. 


Why Do Teacup Puppies or Large Dogs Eat Their Poop?

There are several theories on the reasons Teacup puppies eat their feces. It is thought that some of the main reasons are:

*Teacup Puppies may have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, or other medical condition which can prompt eating of feces, or they may simply like the taste or eat it out of boredom, believe it or not.  

*Your Teacup Puppy's food may be too high in calories or low in fiber, affecting digestion.

*If a Teacup puppy is punished for pooping in the house, he might be eating the 'evidence'.

*Overfeeding may cause your puppy to eat his feces because he hasn't digested all the food properly. Therefore the poo still smells and possibly tastes the same as his dinner.

How can I Stop My Teacup Puppy or Dog from Eating Poop?

There are certain methods you can use to stop dog coprophagia. Keep basics in mind such as getting your dogs wormed regularly, having their vaccinations up to date, and feeding them a well balanced- nutritious meal.

 *Use a pet product from your veterinarian that is specially designed for this common problem.

  *Add a little Pineapple, Pumpkin, or Spinach to your Teacup Puppy's meal. Apparently these things taste horrible in the poop. Alternatively, you can try putting a repellant substance like hot pepper or tabasco sauce directly onto the feces to make it unpleasant to eat.