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Yorkshire Terrier Weird Fact/Did You Know?



Dogs and cats are the two most popular pets in the USA. When it comes to Yorkshire terriers and other dogs, there are many weird, interesting, and little known facts and dog trivia. For example did you know that the some of the celebrities that own or owned Yorkshire terriers include Paris Hilton, Joan Rivers, Justine Timberlake, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears, Brett Favre, Bruce Willis, Gisele Bundchen, Raven-Symone, and Kelly Rowland?

Here are some other weird facts about the lovable Yorkie:


  • Did you know that according to the Guinness Book of World Records, a very tiny Yorkshire terrier named Sylvia in Blackburn, England holds the current record for the smallest dog in recorded history. When fully-grown, this Yorkie was only two and a half inches tall at the shoulder, three and a quarter inches long, and weighed four ounces. It died in 1945 at age two.


  • Did you know that it was during the late Victorian era when Yorkshire terriers became fashionable pets. They have since been in the top toy and small dog breeds in all the major kennel clubs around the world as a popular dog.


  • Did you know that according to registration statistics from the American Kennel Club, in popularity ten years ago, there were no toy breeds but today three of them rank in the top-ten popularity. One of the three is the Yorkshire terrier.


  • Did you know that some films that Yorkies appeared in include Funny Face, A Fish Called Wanda, Meet the Fockers, Daltry Colhoun, and Urban Legend.


  • Did you know that it is a myth that Yorkies and other dogs are color blind. They do not see color as vividly as you do but do see in color.


  • Did you know that smaller breeds of dog such as the Yorkie mature faster that the larger dog breeds and all dogs have identical anatomy with 42 permanent teeth and 321 bones.


  • Did you know that during the first couple of weeks, Yorkie puppies sleep approximately 90 percent of the time.


  • Did you know that a twelve-pound Yorkie saved an elderly woman by fighting off an Akita weighing eighty pounds. The Yorkshire terrier survived and only required nine stitches.


  • Did you know all Yorkshire terrier puppies are born without teeth but have twenty-eight by four to eight weeks of age, so they can eat solid food. They lose these between four to seven months of age, replaced by their forty-two permanent teeth.


  • Did you know that over twelve thousand years ago, dogs first became domesticated and they have worn collars since the Egyptian times. Many Yorkies now sport designer collars and even designer clothing, and there is a whole line of fashion clothing and jewelry designed with Yorkies and other breeds in mind.


  • Did you know that unlike humans, you find Yorkies and other dogs sweat glands between their paw pads.


  • There are many other unique and interesting facts about Yorkies, just ask anyone that has owned one and they can give you lots more information on this wonderful breed of dog.