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How To Make Your Teacup Pomeranian To Stop Biting


If biting works occasionally to get attention, your Pomeranian Puppy will try every time, just in case this is the time it works. If it always results in complete isolation, it will stop almost immediately. This requires participation from everyone in your family, especially your children. If the puppy is nipping the kids while they are playing, tell your children that as soon as the Pomeranian puppy nips, they must stop the game and storm from the room. This will have a big impact on the teacup puppy.


If you are too busy to storm out of the room every time your puppy bites, keep a small, thin leash on him while you are home. If your puppy bites, use the leash to lead him quickly to his timeout spot. After saying "ouch!" don't talk to him or touch him while you do this. The timeout spot can be a crate or small, quiet room. Don't let him out until he has calmed down. He may just need a nap.

There are also several sprays available that discourage chewing. Some Pomeranian puppies are not affected by these sprays, but if yours is, spray some on your hands right before playing with your puppy. Spray it on yourself near your puppy so they get a big whiff of the bad stuff and are encouraged to stay away from it.

Whatever method you choose, remember that consistency is the key! React the same way every time, and your puppy will stop biting quickly.


Does your beloved  Pomeranian Puppy have a biting problem? Mouthing and biting are common among puppies and dogs, especially when at play or while teething. It's usually up to the owner to teach the  Pomeranian Puppy what is acceptable behavior and what is not. It's never a good idea to just let puppies play with one's hands and/or feet - no matter how adorable or cute it seems. It gives puppies the idea that it's ok to bite skin.

Biting canines generally have a sweet, loving and wonderful disposition 99% of the time. It is only 1% of the time that something happens that triggers the dog to attack or bite.

 Pomeranian Puppy Training Biting Tips

Nipping, mouthing and biting are normal behaviors of young pups and rarely cause serious damage. But while these may seem perfectly harmless, such behavior must be corrected before the dog reaches adulthood, when bites could inflict more severe injuries.

 Pomeranian Puppy biting doesn't go away overnight. It's a gradual process that must not be hurried. Here are some things you can do to effectively end your puppy's carefree biting days.

  • Start training your  Pomeranian Puppy early (6 or 7 weeks old).
  • Let your puppy know that his biting hurts you. Give a sharp "ouch" or yelp like a dog. This will tell him that he's been too rough on you and make him be gentler next time.
  • If the  Pomeranian Puppy ignores your "hurt" reaction, repeat the yelp or "ouch" and leave the room for a couple of minutes. This will let your puppy know that when he bites, he can lose his playmates.
  • Exercise persistence when training a puppy. As his bites become softer and softer, continue to pretend to be hurt. Make it clear to the  Pomeranian Puppythat all bites hurt and are unacceptable to humans.
  • Give positive reinforcement. Whenever a puppy licks you minus using his teeth, reward him for it and give him lots of praise.
  • Start teaching the OFF command once the  Pomeranian Puppy has quit biting you with any deep pressure. Hold some dog pellets, close your hand and say "off". If the pup hasn't touched your hand after several seconds, say something like "take it" and give him a pellet. This exercise teaches the puppy that "off" means "don't touch".
  • If the  Pomeranian Puppy suddenly bites you, continue to yelp or issue a sharp "ouch." When you see a puppy bite coming, give the pup the "off" command.
  • When the  Pomeranian Puppy hits 6 months, enroll him in an obedience school where he can practice socializing with other dogs