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Teacup Puppies in Florida.   Puppies For Sale Site specialize in Teacup Puppies and Toy Breeds.    We are located in the Ft. Lauderdale area in South Florida.  Browse through our beautiful Teacup Yorkies, Teacup Maltese and Pomeranian puppies.   The Teacup Puppies are guaranteed on genetics for one year and 14 days virus.  We do ship our little Teacup and Regular size puppies and also offer a "Nanny" Service, where your teacup will be accompanied by a Nanny and hand deliver the puppy to you.



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Maltese Weird Facts


Very few people do not succumb to the allure of the Maltese dogs. This toy dog breed is so adorable that the Maltese is often presented in the Aristocratic form. Professional dog groomers can perform expensive services for the Maltese like bathing, brushing, coat trimming, pedicure and hair styling.

The Maltese dog breed is one of the most fancy of all show dogs and caring for it is exhaustive work. The coat alone needs daily grooming and bathing at least twice a week. Also, their diet has to be very specific so as to maintain the sheen and shine of the coat. You must have passion when you want to adopt a Maltese dog into your life.

Here is a list of a few interesting facts about this adorable dog breed:

Maltese are fearless.

Charles Darwin himself theorized that the Maltese originated as a solid breed in 6000 B.C.

Despite their size, Maltese dogs are excellent jumpers. They have great hindquarter muscles that helps propel them to at least a full body-length into the air.

All Maltese dogs are white, with silky coats which are never shed. Any variation or stain in color is considered "undesirable."

A Maltese is also a hypoallergenic dog - which is the same with some breeds like the Bischon Frise and the Poodle. It means that they are less likely to cause you dog allergy.

They may look cuddly and cute, but Maltese dogs are intolerant of children or other animals. In fact, aside from their human companions some Maltese dogs are even openly hostile to other humans.

Josephine Bonaparte, Marie Antoinette, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria are all great ladies who also share one common denominator: all of them had a pet Maltese at some point of their lives.

Who is the richest Maltese in the world? Trouble is! In August 20, 2007, Leona Helmsley, a billionaire New York City Hotel Operator and Real Estate Investor, bequeathed $12 million to her pet Maltese named Trouble at the time of her death.

"Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta," is one of the different names that the Maltese had carried over a span of many centuries. Other names include: Bichon, Comforter Dog, Maltese Lion Dog, Maltese Terrier, Melitaie Dog, Roman Ladies' Dog, Shock Dog, and the Spaniel Gentle. Today, everyone just calls it the Maltese: that darn cute little dog with the long flowing white hair.

Most Maltese dogs now live the "Aristocratic" life: they live in luxury and often stay indoors. This however, can affect their health to a detrimental degree. Like all dogs, the Maltese dogs need to play outside. They are energetic little puffs of fluff, and the recommended daily walk is 2 to 3 times a day. Nail clipping is essential to help keep the dogs' balance. In the "wild," a Maltese would not need pedicures because their nails are gradually trimmed down as they pad across the earth or as they dig into the soil. Easy living has its price.