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Teacup Puppies in Florida.   Puppies For Sale Site specialize in Teacup Puppies and Toy Breeds.    We are located in the Ft. Lauderdale area in South Florida.  Browse through our beautiful Teacup Yorkies, Teacup Maltese and Pomeranian puppies.   The Teacup Puppies are guaranteed on genetics for one year and 14 days virus.  We do ship our little Teacup and Regular size puppies and also offer a "Nanny" Service, where your teacup will be accompanied by a Nanny and hand deliver the puppy to you.



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Chihuahuas -    weird facts

Teacup Chihuahuas


Did you know that a Chihuahua is also known as a Chi, the Mayan word meaning dog? Although we believe that this breed originated in Mexico (ancient paintings of Chihuahuas have been found in Mexico) their origin is steeped in mystery. Some aficionados believe Chihuahuas originated in Europe. There are also stories where Spanish traders brought them to Malta from Africa and Asia. Still others report that Chihuahuas were found in Egypt about 3000 years ago.

The big eyed tiny Chihuahua, the world's tiniest dog, could very well have been considered some kind of rodent and eaten by our ancestors. The ancient Aztecs and Toltecs used them for sacrifices to the gods and it is possible they could have used them for food as well.

Other facts about Chihuahuas include:


Because Chihuahuas are small dogs they make great apartment dogs, however they do not do well with small children.


Because of the Chihuahua delicate constitution, they are purely indoor dogs; prolonged exposure to the outside will make them ill.


Because these dogs are so tiny it is not wise to leave them outdoors unsupervised, these dogs can become prey to larger animals such as coyotes.


Did you know that Chihuahuas come in two different coats, the dominant smooth short coat and a long haired coat that can be flat or curly?


Did you know that a Chihuahua puppy by the name of Heart-Kun was born in Japan with the actual pattern of a heart on his coat? The little Chihuahua made television news and has captured the hearts of people worldwide.


Many Chihuahuas have difficulty in birthing because the puppies' heads are too large for the birth canal. Many Chihuahua dames need immediate caesarian delivery or even die from birthing (whelping).


The world's smallest police dog is a 7-pound Chihuahua, Rat Terrier mix called Midge. She is training as a drug sniffer police dog.


Even though Chihuahuas are tiny dogs they have no fear of larger animals. If not kept on a leash, they will run after them and attack. The problem is the tiny Chihuahua can get seriously hurt.


Did you know that Chihuahuas can be born with a molera, a soft spot on the skull, similar to the fontanel in human babies? The molera also hardens with age just like a human.


Chihuahuas are fragile dogs and can break their bones very easily. Even jumping from a chair can cause hip displacement. Chihuahuas often suffer from patellar luxation, knee displacement, ulcers on the eyes (corneal dystrophy), heart problems, liver shunts, hypoglycemia and other genetic disorders.


Some Chihuahuas can make amusing trilling sounds when they want to communicate with humans. Some people call it a cross between a bird and a squirrel sound.





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