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Chihuahua Dental Care and Oral Disease

The importance of proper dental care for pets has received considerable attention in recent years, and for good reason. By the age of four, more than 70% of domestic Chihuahua Puppies  show signs of gum disease that can lead to tooth loss, bacterial infections, and any number of periodontal diseases. Good oral hygiene is now recognized as a must for pets and is something your Chihuahua Puppy must rely on you for.

Feed a hard kibble dog food or biscuits at least once a day. The friction from chewing the hard food cleans the teeth while providing the teething benefits your Chihuahua Puppy needs.

Hard nylon or rawhide bones help remove plaque. Give your puppy a hard chew toy at least once a week. Brush your pet's teeth several times a week, at least, with a soft-bristled nylon toothbrush and a plaque-retardant, tartar-control toothpaste. Brush in a circular motion as you would your own teeth. Expect minor gum bleeding until the gums tighten.

Keep the folds of skin around the mouth clean and free of food with dental cleansers.

In severe cases of tartar buildup, teeth may have to be scaled and polished to remove tartar. It is easy and most pets tolerate it well. You can use a tooth scaler or have the cleaning done by your veterinarian.

Good oral hygiene started early and continued regularly will not only prevent bad breath, tooth loss, and gum disease, but it will help give your pet a healthy and happy lifestyle in later years.


  • Puppies have 28 temporary teeth, 14 in the upper jaw and 14 in the lower jaw. These deciduous teeth erupt at about three to four weeks of age.
  • Chihuahua Puppies  have 42 permanent teeth, 20 on the top, and 22 on the bottom (Figure 1). These begin to emerge at about four months of age.
  • Chihuahua Puppies  have 6 permanent teeth that have 3 roots each, and 14 teeth that each have 2 roots.
  • Puppies should lose a Chihuahua Puppy tooth before the corresponding adult tooth emerges. If a puppy tooth is still in place when an adult tooth begins to show it is called a retained deciduous teeth. If this occurs, see your veterinarian so the dog's occlusion is not affected.
  • Studies show that by age three, 80 percent of Chihuahua Puppies  exhibit signs of gum disease. Symptoms include yellow and brown buildup of tartar along the gumline, red inflamed gums and persistent bad breath.
  • Facial swelling below the eye is usually due to an infection of the 4th premolar (carnassial) tooth.
  • Sneezing and nasal discharge may be due to an infection of the upper canine tooth. The infection may lead to an opening between the mouth and the nasal cavity. This is called an oronasal fistula.
  • Small dog breeds are more likely to develop periodontal disease than large Chihuahua Puppies  because the teeth of small Chihuahua Puppies  are often too large for their mouths, according to veterinary dentistry experts.
  • A broken tooth is a common problem, especially among outdoor Chihuahua Puppies . The canine teeth of working Chihuahua Puppies  are essential to allowing the Chihuahua Puppies  to carry prey and other objects. If these teeth become broken, a canine dentist can prepare a metal crown.