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Chihuahua and Misbehaving

Misbehaving is often a sign that your Chihuahua Puppy  wants attention. Leaving them alone too long will create tendencies to dig holes, tear up or chew on things you don’t want him to chew on, bark consistently, or even go potty in places you won’t like! Learn ahead of time the methods to preventing these behaviors or how to stop them if they start.

Aggressive Behavior:

Make sure your Chihuahua Puppy  is well socialized. Aggression can be triggered if they are fearful of sounds and sights they are not used and doesn’t know how to react to. They sometimes do not feeling safe and are trying to protect themselves and their territory by showing their teeth or growling.

It is your job to teach your dog what is acceptable behavior. Sternly tell them “no” the first time they growls. Your dog needs to know that you are serious and needs to stop their behavior immediately.

Remove your dog from situations that can cause aggression, such as being in the area of another competitive dog or small children that may make them nervous. Even playing too roughly with a Chihuahua Puppy  and letting them bite you can lead them to think they can bite at objects or people playing with them. Avoid playing this way since it can lead to harder biting and aggressiveness.

Keep your dog on a leash while out walking him. This will help prevent aggressive behavior towards other dogs that may come into your path. Dogs naturally want to assert their authority, but by distracting him or changing your pace you can prevent some of this behavior.

Dogs that are playing together can sometimes get aggressive if they get too excited and the playing becomes escalated. One may become frightened or grab the other in an aggressive manner, causing defensiveness. Look for actions that signal aggressiveness such as a sparring stance – standing more on their back legs as if to attack, or biting around the head or ears.

If your Chihuahua Puppy  begins to fight, try to distract them by making loud sounds or banging on an object to break their concentration. Be very careful about trying to grab a Chihuahua Puppy  or older Chihuahua Puppy   out of a fight or you will become the target. Sometimes, grabbing their back legs and pulling them away can break up a fight. A good dose of water can often break up a fight quickly as well.

If your Chihuahua Puppy   continues to be aggressive after using these techniques, consider getting professional training. It is much better to pay someone to train your Chihuahua Puppy   properly than to risk a person or another animal getting injured from aggressive behavior.