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Teacup Puppies in Florida.   Puppies For Sale Site specialize in Teacup Puppies and Toy Breeds.    We are located in the Ft. Lauderdale area in South Florida.  Browse through our beautiful Teacup Yorkies, Teacup Maltese and Pomeranian puppies.   The Teacup Puppies are guaranteed on genetics for one year and 14 days virus.  We do ship our little Teacup and Regular size puppies and also offer a "Nanny" Service, where your teacup will be accompanied by a Nanny and hand deliver the puppy to you.



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Brushing Your Teacup Maltese Puppy 's Teeth


When you schedule the kids for a back-to-school visit to the dentist, make an appointment for your other child as well--your Teacup Maltese Puppy . More and more Americans view their Teacup Maltese Puppy s as children, and just like children, cats and dogs can have gum disease, cavities, and plaque build-up. Yet with regular exams and proper home care, Fido and Fluffy need not be afraid of a visit to the dentist's chair, says the American Animal Hospital Association.

"Too often we overlook the need for dental care for our Teacup Maltese Puppy s," says Dr. Ed Eisner, an AAHA member who specializes in veterinary dentistry." Untreated teeth can cause serious problems in the Teacup Maltese Puppy 's overall health."

Periodontal disease is the number one dental problem in dogs and cats, and cats often develop defects below the gumline which may be hard to detect. As in humans, abscessed teeth or periodontal disease can affect other parts of the body. In dogs and cats, they can cause heart and kidney disease.

A regular veterinary dental checkup can help prevent serious problems and keep your Teacup Maltese Puppy  healthy. Teacup Maltese Puppy  teeth cleaning includes use of a short-lasting anesthetic that allows for gumline probes, removal of tartar and tooth polishing. A good way to remember to schedule a dental exam is to combine it with your Teacup Maltese Puppy 's annual booster vaccinations.

Equally important to annual dental exams is home dental care, such as brushing your Teacup Maltese Puppy 's teeth at least three times per week. AAHA recommends a technique for both younger and older animals, although it's easier to start brushing when the Teacup Maltese Puppy  is young.

  1. To introduce your Teacup Maltese Puppy  to brushing, wrap gauze or a washcloth around your finger and use it like a toothbrush on the Teacup Maltese Puppy 's teeth. Wipe all the teeth, front and back, with strokes from the gumline to the tip of the tooth. Do this for one to two weeks until your Teacup Maltese Puppy  is familiar with having its gums and teeth rubbed.
  2. Gradually progress to a soft toothbrush and plain water. After a week of using a soft toothbrush, add a small amount of special dog or cat toothpaste. Never use human toothpaste as it may irritate the Teacup Maltese Puppy 's stomach.
  3. Begin by brushing the front teeth and then the upper and lower teeth in the back. The bristles should be held at a 45-degree angle to the tooth surface and be moved in an oval motion. Scrub in the crevice where the gums meet the teeth, as this is where odor and infection begin.