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Feeding Schedule for your Tiny or Teacup Puppy

iny and Teacup and Toy Puppies are in essence Special Needs Puppies.

Their feeding requirements due to their size and higher metabolism, are more complex than those of an average size toy pup, and can easily be satisfied by a proper "free choice" feeding schedule coupled with the correct type of nutrition dense puppy food.






22"L x 11"W x 16"H       Capacity 20 lbs.


Reminder: The underlying theory of successfully raising your teacup or tiny puppy into a healthy adult, is to avoid for it to have hypoglycemic episodes.

Low blood sugar is caused by a variety of things – but in short - basic calorie usage exceeds calorie intake – hence the puppy crashes. Mild hypoglycemia can be easily taken care off by you, repeated episodes or a prolonged severe episode may cause irrevocable damages or in the extreme may lead to death of the pup. Severe episodes require veterinarian support and certainly generate enormous vet bills, that are unnecessary if you make smart selections and provide proper care in the first place.

Providing your teacup pup with the best dog nutrition you can afford to feed, coupled with an effortless way of actually eating  free choice feeding schedule - 24/7, reduces the potential of hypoglycemic episodes. If in addition to that, you learn how to properly manage the activity level of your puppy, you mostly have the danger of low blood sugar episodes under control and are well on your way to successfully raising your baby!

The ideal commercial puppy food for teacup and tiny puppies needs to be high in nutritional density as well as offer the smallest kibble size.   FROMM PUPPY DRY FOOD MIXED WITH CESAR MOIST FOOD.   ALSO PURCHASE "FRESH PET" AND MIX IN THE FOOD-= THE PUPPIES GO CRAZY FOR IT...............






Individual Meals or Free Choice?

 Due to their small tummies and high metabolisms, tiny and teacup puppies need to eat more than once or twice a day.

My recommendation – and the least complicated feeding schedule to implement - is to have dry food mixed with moist available free choice! This means there is always food in the bowl, and the puppy has access to 24/7. it


This is the easiest way to assure yourself that your pup has puppy food available all the time, even if you are not home, or are running late. This also covers the spouse or the kids forgetting to "do" a routine meal, day trips or unexpected delays that keep you from getting home in time for the next meal.

Most toy breed dogs tend to be nibblers. Talk to anyone who has one – many will pick up a mouthful from the bowl in the kitchen and carry into a different room, eat it under the kitchen or dining room table, or sneak it into their crate or bed and consume it there. It seems to be a size specific idiosyncrasy - both my poodles and Chihuahuas tend to do this, and I have observed other toy breeds to do the same. What this really means – other than having dog food crumbles where you really would prefer they are not, LOL - is that many are actually “snacking” or “grazing” throughout the day, rather than settling down to one or two large meals and be done eating. Having food available 24/7 or a "free choice feeding schedule", allows for snacking and grazing, and will keep your pup eating all day long, which is ideal for teacup puppies and tiny toys.


Amount of Food
& Monitoring Food Intake

A pup that has dry puppy food available free choice, may only eat 5-10 kibbles at a time – but will go eat [snack] as many as 10-15 times each day, depending on the size of the bites, the palatability of the brand and what else other than dry food you'll put into the bowl. If you are going the commercial dog food route, you want to eventually be able to feed dry food only [not canned], but with teacups or tiny pups you may have to gradually work your way up to that.




Very young or extremely tiny puppies may eat as few as 5 kibbles and call it a meal. For these puppies you should offer something in addition to just dry puppy food – either canned food, a bit home cooked chicken.

Pups that are less than enthusiastic eaters also require a nutritional supplement such as Nutrical, Nutristat or Dyne . A powdered vitamin supplement is also recommended in addition to the the later supplements, but not necessarily required if you feed a high end dry puppy food – however it can't but help for optimum development and covers any nutritional deficiencies your puppy food may not address.


How do you tell
if your puppy eats well?

Turn it onto its back and look at the tummy. A well fed pup is chubby with good fat reserves, and has a full, rounded belly area. When your pup is standing on all fours, look down from above [not the side]. Where in people you would observe the waist area - the tummy should swell beyond the sides instead of being in a straight line.

If you have a “model type” waist – slightly concave looking from above, or wrinkles and a sunken in tummy when you turn the pup upside down – your puppy is not eating enough. Please come back and visit here again [page in progress] to see what you can do to generate more interest in eating and get some enthusiasm going when it comes to topping off the food bowl. If you have a skinny pup, you also need to reduce the pups activity level or curb/limit most “bounce and play time” to the playpen.


Repeat with me – no hypoglycemic episodes!!!

Needless to say, that eating all day long also equates to frequent potty trips, but that is a given with the smallest of puppyhood anyhow. This is one of the main reasons I feel so strongly about using a puppy playpen to raise your tiny puppies! The puppy playpen effortlessly allows for these wee pups' needs and care requirements without trashing your entire home and the mobility & convenience of it, permits you to keep your fur child with you wherever you are in the home.

Features of the playpen-  We sell for $149.99 including shipping.  Order on line below or call 954-353-7864



Butler Service available for Teacup Puppies

We can Hand Deliver your Pooch For You.  


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Shipping Available For Teacup or Pocket Size Puppies and Standards:    We use Delta and Continental Airlines.

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